What is Biodiversity in ELT?

For the 50th Anniversary of IH at  International House in Rome on October 22-23 content educators are talking about this in depth. I am  presenting: English360 – classroom and learning diversity for the 21st Century.

Here’s a wiki whee the presentations http://ihmanzoni.wikispaces.com/ are being shared.

I will also be mentioning a great biodiversity project that  called the Encyclopedia of Life

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I’m a “tab” person, I found tab browsing and tabbed tweeting the easiest way to handle the flow of information I need to digest.

Have you tried Hootsuite?

Here’s a short video which explains 5 reasons why you might find it useful!

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I’ve read so many negative and bitter blogs posts this weekend that I wonder what is happening to some educators. Do people really have this much time to rant, whinge and criticise? There’s so much good going on, there are so many wonderful ideas to share and reflect on that I have little time for those who chose the negativity and finger pointing route.  In fact, I ‘ve decided that from now on PLN should stand for POSITIVE LEARNING NETWORK, attitude is so important.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I am able to end the weekend on a high note with a post on “It’s worth keeping an eye on this blog” and share and celebrate with those of you in my PLN that wish to extend their reading and thought-flows.

I was tagged by Arjana Blazic who I haven’t met in person yet but has done some marvellous Wiki and Glogster projects and shares her “traveling, international student and teacher exchanges, field trips and educational projects on her blog http://traveloteacher.blogspot.com/

This tagging or nomination is part of an initiative called “Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog”, which means “It’s worth keeping an eye on this blog”. I like the “Vale” as that is my nick! Vale24 and vale360!

So how does this work? The chosen blog has to copy the picture above, with a link to the blog from which it has received the award  e.g. in my case it was thanks to Arjana http://traveloteacher.blogspot.com/

Then write ten more links to the blogs which you think are well worth keeping an eye on. I’d say that means not just visiting occasionally but actually subscribing to and following!  And the chain goes on, as each tagged bloggger can copy the image above and link to 10 blogs they read and enjoy, blogs they feel others in their PLN will benefit from knowing about and reading.

Here are my ten:

  1. Burcu Akyol http://burcuakyol.com/
  2. Nik Peachey http://nikpeachey.blogspot.com/
  3. Lindsay Clanfield http://sixthings.net/
  4. Robert Martinez http://robertslearningtogether.blogspot.com/
  5. Karenne Sylvester http://kalinago.blogspot.com/
  6. Dragos Roua http://www.dragosroua.com/
  7. Gavin Dudeney http://slife.dudeney.com/
  8. Ken Wilson http://kenwilsonelt.wordpress.com/
  9. Shelly Terrell http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org
  10. Anne Fox http://www.absolutely-intercultural.com/

PS You  can find more fabulous blogs on Eva’s blog or on the blog rolls of the blogs listed here. You see? There’s so much out there to raise our glass to.

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Well I think others have been able to capture the twitter tweet up and meet up phenomenon so I won’t repeat.

Check @kenwilson ‘s blog  IATEFL Harrogate to get an idea of the power of twitter . I wouldn’t know where to start … it was all quite overwhelming!

Let me share this slowly., where to start? Well from the beginning, I guess. The special pre-conference meet up with Marisa_C who texted and DMed to say she’d already arrived. Although, we ended in the “wrong” part of Hales it was an incredible “connect” moment which set the pace of things to come. Next, was Petra @TEFLpet and her buoyant smiles during the long queue on Day 1 – her twitter profile suddenly becoming larger than life!   Every corner I turned from then on included smiles and hugs from someone I’ve been lucky enough to interact with online via twitter, Facebook or a blog comment. Late Friday evening when I thought I’d met every twitter follower I would ever meet, I was introduced to @esolcourse, suddenly all Sue’s tweets flowed before me once again, all the pieces of the puzzle came together . So many members of my PLN – educators I had until then exchanged 140 characters with, educators who I already knew and admired but hadn’t quite “humanised” entirely, came to life adding more impact to those daily tweets and comments.

Petra and Sue

Petra and Sue

It was super to get to know them more intimately over exchanges, drinks and real smiles.

I missed tons at IATEFL, some is online for us to catch up with and spread.Either via IATEFL Online
Harrogate Online

Thanks to Ken Wilson’s post I can now watch the presentation I was unable to get a seat at and learn more about how others are using twitter with learners.

The connections strengthen, the dialogue remains substantial and increasingly energizes us! Thanks everyone.

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“The future is not fixed… the future is what you make it.” Future Lab Edu

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A nice way to share a group of URLs is to “box” them together using a service such as Simplybox.

If you are new to Simplybox you can watch this overview here to get an idea of what Simplybox is all about.

Once you’ve added the webpages (you can tag and describe them) then you can choose to share the box publicly via URL or by embedding a widget  – shame this doesn’t seem to work on Moodle or edublogs but it does look great on a wiki!

Embed widget for your wiki- plays as slide show

Embed widget for your wiki- plays as slide show

Another nice feature is the print options. If you select “view as list” then choose print (e.g select pdf) you can create an archived version of the comments on that selection of webadresses.

This is very useful in training or with language learners if they are using sites and need to discuss, the record might be helpful for some who prefer off-screen reading or for showing progression and continuity of comments.

In comparison to using Diigo, I’d say the pros of Simplybox are that the boxing is simple and user-oriented. You can save the part of the website you want to “capture” by dragging your mouse over the area. This can help visitors to see the part you are pointing them to.

Simplybox -capture and share webaddresses

Simplybox -capture and share webaddresses

One of the drawbacks, is the person doing the bookmarking needs to add another bookmarklet to their browser.

What do you think? Have you got any feedback from students/trainees?

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Time to explore new waters

Time to explore new waters

Doesn’t time fly? It’s that time of year agai – the EVO sessions are are starting!

I’ve enrolled for the Multiliteracies Session which will be using a Ning  http://multiliteracies.ning.com/ -  from the Yahoo! Group start up discussions it’s lovely to see old and new faces on board already and moderated by Vance Stevens, Jennifer Verschoor , Dennis Oliver and Nina Liakos

Interesting that we also have a wiki for used as syllabus portal http://goodbyegutenberg.pbworks.com/

I will also be lurking in Digital Materials sessionand if I can organize my life a bit better then I hope to take a more active part there too. Yes, this is professional development and personal growth in pyjamas as it has to be done after long days at work, once the family duties are out of the way. It’s time to explore new waters!

So much to do…. but I just wanted to personally add my huge round of applause to the coordinating team and see if any of my followers will be taking the same sessions?

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In celebration of the richness of this week in Twitterland and the blogosphere I have decided to Make Art using  simple mosaic tool called http://sxoop.com/twitter/

Get your twitter mosaic here.

Thanks everyone for the follows, the tweets, the RTs, the controversial posts, and the reflective exchanges.

What a great bunch of individuals, from wonderful countries that I haven’t yet visited or areas of the world I was lucky enough to cross, you are as colourful and lively as this mosaic.

Thanks for being part of the enriching week!

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I know, I know it’s last minute but I just have to share my list for the EDUBLOGS Award

Edublog Awards Nominations

Edublog Awards Nominations

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Blogging from Paris! After a great couple of days at TESOL France, helping demo English360 and enjoying a wonderful range of International presenters and participants, I realize once again that conferences are an excellent springboard for ideas.

As we refocus on Monday, the week ahead and the next venue for our meet up (Rome TESOL?, Posnan BESIG?, Harrogate IATEFL?) I feel elated to have shared time and energy with some dear Twitterers and  TESOL members.

On Saturday, Lindsay Clandfield  gave a super presentation on Blogging Your Way to Being A Better Teacher - showcasing his http://sixthings.net/ blog roll and describing how blogging helps

360° view of Paris and TESOL

360° view of Paris and TESOL

I’d like to steal the “Six Things” idea to add my Six Reasons I Love Conferences.

I love conferences because…

  1. they are welcome break from everyday teaching,  training or consulting.
  2. the names on books, blogs or tweets are brought to life in a smile, by tiny gestures or a glass of wine ;-)
  3. their sum is greater than the parts. The many inspiring individuals, conversations and presentations generate a sum total which totally exceeds all quantification!
  4. Pecha Kuchas are fun, lively and democratic ways of thinking in 20 seconds about the impact of words, images and content.
  5. you realize how wonderfully skilled and varied educators are. Meeting up with global friends and colleagues to exchange insights and news is healthy.
  6. the buzz is energizing, refreshing and helps build a learning continuum that stretches from prior knowledge to future adventures.

Thanks TESOL France! Thanks @burcuakyol , @cleve360 , @ShellTerrell , @dudeneyge , @kenwilsonlondon, @cheimi10 , @lclanfield, and @paulmaglione, @Britsmiles , @arthurmckeown and all the other outstanding minds.

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