I know, I know it’s last minute but I just have to share my list for the EDUBLOGS Award

Edublog Awards Nominations

Edublog Awards Nominations

2 Responses to “The 2009 Edublog Awards – nominations”
  1. Vale,

    Thanks very much for the nomination – such stiff competition this year with so many new and very good blogs. Still, ’tis better to be nominated and lose, than never to be nominated at all, as that bloke said…


  2. Such optimism ;-) You posts really sparked tons of thought processes and that”ripple effect” so I have personally awarded you with “Best Blog Rippler” Prize and will be seeking to make this a new category for 2010! Your thoughts as they are thrown into blog ocean or twitter stream, have the effect of expanding the reasoning of others incrementally and exponently. Drop more in, it’s nothing to do with competition but meaningful exchanges and that thread was a great example (not in quantity) but in quality and diversity of reaction.
    Thank YOU!

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