Well I think others have been able to capture the twitter tweet up and meet up phenomenon so I won’t repeat.

Check @kenwilson ‘s blog  IATEFL Harrogate to get an idea of the power of twitter . I wouldn’t know where to start … it was all quite overwhelming!

Let me share this slowly., where to start? Well from the beginning, I guess. The special pre-conference meet up with Marisa_C who texted and DMed to say she’d already arrived. Although, we ended in the “wrong” part of Hales it was an incredible “connect” moment which set the pace of things to come. Next, was Petra @TEFLpet and her buoyant smiles during the long queue on Day 1 – her twitter profile suddenly becoming larger than life!   Every corner I turned from then on included smiles and hugs from someone I’ve been lucky enough to interact with online via twitter, Facebook or a blog comment. Late Friday evening when I thought I’d met every twitter follower I would ever meet, I was introduced to @esolcourse, suddenly all Sue’s tweets flowed before me once again, all the pieces of the puzzle came together . So many members of my PLN – educators I had until then exchanged 140 characters with, educators who I already knew and admired but hadn’t quite “humanised” entirely, came to life adding more impact to those daily tweets and comments.

Petra and Sue

Petra and Sue

It was super to get to know them more intimately over exchanges, drinks and real smiles.

I missed tons at IATEFL, some is online for us to catch up with and spread.Either via IATEFL Online
Harrogate Online

Thanks to Ken Wilson’s post I can now watch the presentation I was unable to get a seat at and learn more about how others are using twitter with learners.

The connections strengthen, the dialogue remains substantial and increasingly energizes us! Thanks everyone.

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Heike Philp, Valentina Dodge. Valentina Dodge said: Dedicated to all my PLN http://ow.ly/1zXBK – a special thanks to @kenwilsonlondon @esolcourses @TEFLPet @Marisa_C @iateflonline ! [...]

  2. I am usually totally stumped and unable to find the right words when I read posts like this.

    What can I say that you haven’t said, dear Valentina. It was such a great pleasure to meet you face to face. You are warm and bright and kind AND you have a great and sharp sense of humour which made me immediately feel like you were an old friend.

    I only regret not being able to spend more time with you and many of the others – running around trying to get into sessions with a few minutes here and there for a quick chat didn’t leave enough time!

    Let’s hope to more of this. Life is too short to miss out on good people and I have become addicted and want more!!!


  3. Can’t wait to meet Heike face-to-face too. Hope that won’t be long!

  4. Yes, time did seem to fly by, but our pre-conference encounter will linger in my mind and transport us further on our quest for more lime and knowledge :-)
    Super to feel your warmth too!
    Thanks for the special moments,

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